Awareness Programme was conducted on August 2011 regarding the ill effects of childhood marriage and care of antenatal and postnatal women through mass health education by adolescent volunteers from subbulapuram village, Tamilnadu State. Health Education Programme on Prevention of Malaria and Dengue & Mosquito Control measures was organized in Subbulapuram village, Tamilnadu State.

Yoga Education For Diabetes and Hypertension

Yoga education camp was organized in Sri Hari Yoga Vidhyalayam, Rajapalyam . A total of 63 Diabetic and Hypertensive patients have participated in the camp. In that camp all the participants were checked for blood pressure level and blood sugar was monitored. A newly 9 cases were identified in the screening.

The prevention and control of diabetes and hypertension and diet management was educated with the LCD presentation. Yoga education on both diseases was given and demonstration was also done. The camp was organized for one week.

Yoga Education and Therapy Training for Computer Vision Syndrome

Awareness programme regarding computer vision syndrome was conducted to the students of computer science department of A.K.D.R.Womens Arts and Science college at Rajapalayam. Education regarding meaning, causes, symptoms, treatment and preventive measures were explained to the participants. Tradaka was demonstrated to the students and participants were also redemonstrated the same.

Yoga Education Programme for Obesity

Obesity control programme was organized to the general public. More than 40 participants were attended the programme. Specific yogic practices to control body weight was thought by video teaching. Pamphlets contain dietary pattern for obesity was distributed to the public.

Yoga For Bronchial Asthma

Awareness programme regarding Bronchial asthma was organized by Sri Hari Yoga Vidhyalayam at INTUC Nagar, Rajapalayam for the general public. in the month of June 2014. More than 30 persons were participated in the programme. Education regarding causes, signs and symptoms and prevention of Bronchial asthma were explained by the participants. Yoga therapy programme was conducted at free of cost for 30 days.

Yoga Therapy Programme For Menstural Problems

Yoga therapeutic training programme for menstrual problems was conducted for students of AKDR Women College at Rajapalayam. Training was provided for one week duration to the students with menstrual problems such as pain in menstruation, abnormal and irregular menstrual cycle.. More than 30 students were participated. Training programme was conducted in the month of September 2014.

Breast Cancer Awareness Programme

Video teaching programme on Breast self examination was conducted in the month of November 2014. Programme was organized for the teachers of AKDR School. Nearly 15 teachers were taken part in this programme.


Yoga Training to Ante Natal Mothers

Antenatal yoga programme was organized at Government Maternity Hospital at Rajapalayam. More than 30 mothers were participated in the programme. Yoga for first, second and third trimester was thought to the mothers. Yoga Programme was given to the Antenatal mothers attending Government Maternity Hospital three days in a week.

Yoga Exhibition

Yoga Exhibition was organized in the Gandhi Kalaimandram, Rajapalayam on 21st June 2015 in the eve of International Yoga Day Celebration. The students from various educational institutions were actively participated in the exhibition. More than 200 members from general public visited the exhibition.

Seminar on Yoga for Healthy Life

Seminar on Yoga for healthy life was conducted at Gandhi Kalai mandram, Rajapalayam on 21st June 2015 in the eve of International yoga day celebration. The Programme was organized by Sri Hari Yoga Vidhyalayam, Rajapalayam. Experts from various places were presented different topics related to Yoga as well as Health.


Yoga Summer Camp for School Children

Yoga and Skating classes were conducted for the School Students at free of cost during the summer vacation at Sri Hari Yoga Vidhyalayam, Rajapalayam. A total of 25 school students were actively participated in the yoga summer camp. A total of 7 students were participated in the Skatting classes. The Camp was organized for the period of one month.

Students trained from Hari foundation were participated in State level skating competition which was organized at Nehru Yuva Kendra,Virudhunagar..In that Master.S.Sripathi got first prize and Master.S.Harivarshan got second prize.

Republic Day Celebration

Sports competitions were organized in Seventh day Adventist school at Rajapalayam for the celebration of Republic day. Various sports events were conducted. Students from all standards were participated. Certificates were issued to all the participants and Prizes were distributed to the winners.

Independence Day Celebration

Essay Competition was conducted by Hari Foundation in the eve of Independence Day. The Topics were Role of Women in Freedom Struggle and Yoga for Health. Certificates and prizes were distributed to the Winners and Runners of each event. Students from various schools in around Rajapalayam were actively participated.

Events Celebration